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From Charlotte to Austin

Road tripping from Charlotte to Austin was quite the adventure. I was a diva and refused to drive straight through 18 hours, so I decided to make the trip more of a party than a task.

I stopped in Atlanta for the weekend to spend time with my best friends from school Fran, Elizabeth, and Libba. It was full of good memories, laughs, and quite a few beers from my favorite brewery, SweetWater

Next, I took I20 to Birmingham to see my aunt and cousins for the night. It was wonderful to see family and make the drive to my next destination a little shorter.

I took an early morning start and headed down south towards New Orleans! I was so excited to explore a new city and, of course, spend time with my good friend, Kaileigh! She took me on a grand tour, starting with lunch on Magazine Street and ending on the infamous Bourbon Street. The food was delicious, the shopping was great, and the drinks were bigger (and stronger) than I've ever had anywhere else. New Orleans had a charming, deep south feel with friendly locals. Needless to say, I would definitely visit again. Hopefully for Mardi Gras!

I had another early start for the last 8 hour stretch of the trip, New Orleans to Austin. To be honest, it was the longest drive I've ever encountered. It may have been because of my anxiousness to get to my destination, but who knows. 

After a week of traveling, I finally made it! I've only been in Austin for a week and have gotten so much accomplished. I moved in, decorated, explored, made a couple of new friends, hit the town, and paddle boarded (which is SO much fun). Austin has proved itself to be a great city already. I can't wait to see what this next chapter in life has in store for me.

Next stop, starting the new job!

Katherine Rainey