Katherine Rainey Design


New City, New Place

I can't believe I have been in Texas for a month! The time really has flown by. Aside working and being social as much as I can, I have been concentrating on decorating the new place. If I was living in a perfect world, I would snap my fingers and have everything finished. Unfortunately, that can't be the case, especially when you're starting out on your own.

I could easily list a page of things that I want to purchase/hang/do/paint but there simply is not enough time (or money) in a day. It will come together eventually, I'll just have to practice the art of patience. 

Interior decorating is something I really enjoy because not only do I get to bring out my personality in a space but I can also incorporate my design style and aesthetics. I am a sucker for traditional, neutral staple pieces with touches of fun, colorful accents that have more of a modern vibe. I snapped a couple photos of my favorite spots around the apartment so far and thought I'd share! Enjoy!

Katherine Rainey